Playlist: alexrainbirdmusic – Spring 2019

A compilation by alexrainbirdmusic of indie folk music, including our song ‘209‘. You can hear the whole playlist on Spotify here.

Woodes – Still So Young
Jared Salte – When I Grow Up
Sam Garrett – The Dance & the Wonder
Sabel – April
Canyon City – When I Fell
​NOAHS – Carry On
Kate Gillespie – Not Having Fun
Toth – Copilot
Jackson Wooten – Dirt
Twins Of June – Around You
​Michael Dunstan – Two Weeks
The Bull Brothers – Song For Dylan
Frances Luke Accord – Little Lie
Matthew Gordon Price – Vos
​James Ollier – Nomad Frays
Adam Harpaz – Home
Wolf and Willow – Into the Night
Mark Wilkinson – Thought You’d Be Around
William Hinson – Ireland
Sandtimer – 209
St. Pete Holland – Different Hymn
Timo Brandt – In The Darkness
​Fanny Price – Reverie