Mr Foxx Frequency: Songs For December

Aaron B. Thompson – Back To Where We Started
Simon Alexander – Fears
Lucas Davies – No Good for You
Ren – Willow
Anthony Lazaro – Snowflakes in the Sun
Melissa Mary Ahern – How Will I Know
Matt Storm – Hold Onto This
Thomas Reid X Laeland – Fallen Like The Leaves
MARBL – The First Day of the Rain
Valerio Lysander – A Woman
The Watanabes – Whales Can Sing
Sandtimer – A Slender Thread
Johan Danno – Fire Burn Low
Musketeer – Wolves (Acoustic Version)
Jonas Källstrand – Nothing That I Thought I Would Show
Kevin Pearce – Trick
Ryan David Orr – Paper Horses (Hey, Adeline)
Layne Greene – Edge of Town
Traeidein & The Wistful Snail – Eset
Hinterstate – Dancing With The Wolves
Jack Droppers & the Best Intentions – Dog Years
Jack Winters – Won’t Be Sleeping Tonight
Lights & Bridges – Home (feat. Tom Rossi)
Running Red Lights – Safety Pin
AO – Fall on Me (feat. Mondo Cozmo)
Klaptrae – Be My Love Act II