‘Running In Sunlight’ released on all music platforms

Today, some 6 months after we did a Bandcamp-only ‘soft release’ of our second album Running In Sunlight, we are following with the universal release on all music platforms, including Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, SoundCloud and Spotify. We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported the album so far and, if you’re hearing it for the first time, we hope you enjoy it too!

For all links to the album: https://album.link/s/6tSNppzQ5VbKiKnqzENnYv

We did an interview with Virginie Onephithak at Thread. regarding the album’s content, the production process, the music business and what life lessons we’ve learnt from the last year.

Thread. interview: https://www.threadofficial.com/stories/sandtimer-running-in-sunlight.

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