Three Cars Game

Here is our game, ‘Three Cars’, loosely inspired by our song of the same name. You are controlling 3 cars across 6 lanes of traffic and you have to avoid crashing your cars into each other or any of the other vehicles you overtake. The more cars you overtake, the higher your score.

If you are using Safari, please ‘allow all autoplayin “Menu > Safari’ > Settings For This Website

If the controls aren’t doing anything, click in the grey border and that should enable them.

Also, this game is currently computer only- it will not work on phones, tablets etc unless you can get a keyboard connected somehow.

You can buy the ‘Three Cars‘ track on Bandcamp here. You can also stream it on Spotify, SoundCloud and loads of other music stores here. If you enjoyed the game and are moved to show your support, any of the above is hugely appreciated.